New Strategic Alliance with Empire Sound

Showtec and Empire Sound in Kelowna wish to announce a strategic partnership with Larger Than Life Entertainment in the upcoming new year. This partnership will see the fusion of all our resources to be focused on the production and promotion of ‘Mithra’ Larger Than Life’s headlining new band taking the Okanagan by storm. The new alliance will fuse Empire Sound, D&G records, Larger Than Life Entertainment, and MIthra into a powerhouse machine for the new year. “It’s going to be a great year for the band and all involved” said Pat Alguire Manager and guitarist for Mithra, “We have some great new music for the public to enjoy and we will be booking dates to bring our show to the Okanagan and key shows on the West Coast.” Currently writing and recording for the new album the band and it’s new partners wish to thank all our fans, and promise to deliver new music & shows that will be amazing. We are all looking forward to seeing you  and you seeing us in the new year. 2016 the year of MITHRA!!

Partnership with Larger Than Life Entertainment

A Strategic Partnership Agreement with Larger Than Life Entertainment has been reached,

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that grants Showtec  licensing and promotion of Live music Shows. Not much more can be revealed at this time but if you are a subscriber you will be notified when the news becomes public.

Waiting in the wings is a little known act that believe they could set the music scene on fire, but they have no way to get their intriguing music to the masses. What to do? Can they do it on their own ? Doubtful. Showtec has the connections to set a new act up with all the resources it will need to start the long process of AA. Act Awareness is a new initiative that will allow new and upcoming acts to tour with the big boys ! Nuff Said for now. Watch and follow Showtec to see the new and Hottest emerging shows.